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[Korean Cinema] Rough Play

Beneath the neon lights of fame is a darkness just waiting to consume you.

From director Shin Yeon Shik comes the brutally raw, Rough Play, a disturbing glimpse at the dark side of fame. Rough Play, written by screen writer Kim Ki Duk and starring MBLAQ’s Lee Joon in his first leading role, follows the sudden rise to super stardom of aspiring actor Oh Young and his inevitable demise as he is corrupted by the dark side of fame.

An unashamedly dark and cynical film that openly revels in the deterioration of its protagonist as he struggles to hold on to a life that is unraveling in his fingers, and a weakening grasp on sanity, Rough Play, makes no apologies for its outright loathing for the world it creates.


Oh Young, a young aspiring actor, dreams of making it big in film, but he’s an unknown, so he channels his passion for acting into small theater productions and bit parts as an extra. It’s an unfulfilling life made worse by Oh Young’s extreme dedication to his art, a passion that makes him an incredibly intense actor who throws himself too far into his roles.

Just as things seem to be falling apart – with his female co stars refusing to work with him when he pulled a knife on one and attempted to choke another – Oh Young is approached by a manager, who recognizes his potential and offers to make his a star. Oh Young agrees and over night his role is rewritten. Suddenly he goes from being an extra to a supporting role. When the film debuts Oh Young is shot to stardom and it is more than his wildest dreams, but isn’t long before the dark side of fame gets its claws in him and Oh Young’s life begins to spiral out of control.

WATCH ‘Rough Play’ HERE!


About the Author: Reiyezerwyre is full time language teacher, and part-time otaku based in Japan with a love for film, music, language and fandom.


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