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[VKLIFE] GARISH ROOM no.28 | Member A to Z – RUKI (2017 ver.) Pt.1


[Taken from: GARISH ROOM no.28 | ‘2017 ver. member A to Z case of RUKI’]
[translation by: Reiyezerwyre]

[Disclaimer: While every effort is made to be accurate to the intended meaning of the original text, the following is a fan translation and as such may contain errors.]

[Interview by: Yosuke Hayakawa]

Actor (favourite actor/actress・your own acting ability)

I saw this film called Mommyit was really good. Antoine-Olivier Pilon played a young teen struggling with ADHD. Even though he is young, I thought his acting ability was amazing. Also I like Jake Gyllenhaal. I don’t do any acting myself. I’m not that kind of person. (laugh) I get embarrassed and can’t stand it, because there’s no way I can remember my lines. But I’m fine during lives. I’m fine if I’m holding a mic. Even with MVs I work behind the scenes, so rather than an actor it feels more like being a director.In the past I have acted on film before, it was painful. I never want to see it again. (laugh)

Baby (something about you that’s childish)

There’s no good parts to my childishness.There’s probably more bad. Being careless about time…basically I’m not a very reliable person. (laugh) Ever since I was a kid  wasn’t a morning person. And I didn’t think I would ever become a company employee or the like, even back then. Things like that aren’t that respectable I think.

Christmas (Christmas memories)

Well, I can’t tell any stories from middle school. (laugh) The one I remember most clearly…when I was in elementary school there were Saint Seiya gold series figures. So I hadn’t said which one I wanted, but obviously you’d think I’d get Seiya, right. Well, unbelievably I received the ‘bull one’ (Taurus Aldebaran). On top of that the corners were rusted. I remember being absolutely furious. (laugh) Afterwards,  I tried to force my foot into my Christmas stocking I think.

Danger (That was bad!)

The time we went through two managers in a row was pretty bad. (laugh) I wonder what the other members are saying? Do they have anything worse than this, I wonder?

Emergency (Things to get a move on)

Enough to kill me, you know. For example, because I haven’t finished work on the lyrics for「体温」(Taion), I’ve got to hurry up. Outside of work, I think I better hurry up and get a ‘My Number Card’. [t/n: a compulsory personal identification number card that was introduced by the government in 2016]

Fashion (your fashion passion)

I love western clothing, but all the things that I usually wear are plain.I just end up looking for good plain clothes. Prints are fine too, but it’s difficult to find things that catch my  interest. Since there aren’t any clothes that make me think ‘I want it!’ anymore, I just make them (through my own brand). I wear them myself, but if the members wear them I stop wearing them. (laugh) Oh, I probably like wearing brands people don’t know. I don’t go out of my way of famous brands, I buy rare clothes.

Ghibli (favourite ghibli film)

I don’t particularly like Ghibli, but the one’s I can watch are Spirited Away or Kiki’s Delivery Service. Well, I’ll watch for a while. (laugh) That said, I don’t like Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind and Laputa, Castle in the Sky, which are frequently chosen as favourites. It might be a prejudice, but maybe I don’t like ‘flying in the sky’. Or giant machinery, etc.(laugh) I don’t like science fiction to begin with, I prefer more realistic depictions, I think.

Health (being health conscious)

I’m in the habit of taking supplements.I take care to take vitamins so that I don’t catch a cold. When we are on tour I always wear a mask while I sleep, but despite that I still catch colds. I don’t watch what I eat. I eat anything.

Immortality (hot topic of 2016: ‘the affair’)

[t/n: this section is titled ‘Immortality’, but given the topic of discussion 「不倫 – an affairs」, or rather a particular affair, the writer of the article probably meant ‘Immorality’, which makes more sense. (2) ‘the affair’ refers to the widely publicized affair – which made headlines around the country – between tv personality Becky and singer Enon Kawatani, who was married at the time. More info here.]

The affair…you see, I feel more sorry for the one being cheated on.They’re looked into that that far, right. And then, the news takes it too far.I wonder if that kind of thing is okay. Well, as far the affair goes, to even want to get married. It’s not just the affair, it’s that feeling of the facade falling off these people with their clean images and thinking ‘hmm…’. (laugh) “Bunshun” is hard, isn’t it.

[t/n:「文春」(bunshun) refers to Shukan Bunshun 「週刊文春」a weekly tabloid magazine that broke the story. Following the scandal the English catch phrase “Sentence Spring” – a literal translation of the characters「文春」(bunshun) – caught on. More info here.]

Junk (the junk you have)

I don’t have any. I’m quick to throw things away.I don’t get attached, and I’m not the type to keep this and that. Clothes I haven’t worn in a year, I think ‘I don’t wear this.’ So I throw it out. There are a lot of times when I regret it afterwards. (laugh) I just throw too much out. I did a huge clean out of my computer, but I ended up throw out important things I shouldn’t have. (laugh) I’m constantly detached.

Kimi no Na wa (film: Your Name)

I haven’t seen it. Is it Ghibli? No? You can say I know nothing about it. (laugh) I don’t look at manga with a soft art style, etc. I go to the cinema often, so I’ve seen that people are always lined up, turns out its for that movie, Your Name. It’s like the main film, and other customers are over here. Even after this I doubt I’ll buy tickets.

Love (life stories occupied with love)

Moving (if you were to move house)

There’s something to the layout and surroundings, isn’t there. The layout doesn’t have to be all that big, just the perfect size for me to live. As I’ve said I don’t have a lot of things, so just the bare minimum so that the place doesn’t look empty.An area with a convenience store and pet shop, where it’s easy to catch a cab, as far as the neighbourhood, somewhere in the city would be nice, I think.

Part 2 coming soon


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