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[VKLIFE] TRANSLATION |「洗脳:地獄の12年から生還」(Brainwashed: Return from 12 years of hell) by Toshl (X JAPAN) – Prologue

[Taken from: 「洗脳:地獄の12年からの生遠」(Brainwashed: Return from 12 years of hell) by Tosh1 (X JAPAN)  [translation by: Reiyezerwyre] [Disclaimer: While every effort is made to be accurate to the intended meaning of the original text, the following is a fan translation and as such may contain errors.] PROLOGUE: Childhood Days “Play ball!” My father’s booming call echoes in the … Continue reading

[VKLIFE] BOOK CLUB | 「洗脳」(Brainwash) by Toshl (X JAPAN)

My father died on the 15th of March, 2003. I didn’t know about it for a long time. – Toshl, 「洗脳:プロローグ」(2014) X JAPAN, rock legends that  left an indelible mark on Japan’s music industry, larger than life icons and, as explored in the documentary film We are X (2017) , the central figures in an almost unbelievable story of … Continue reading

[VKLIFE] GARISH ROOM no.28 | Member A to Z – RUKI (2017 ver.) Pt.1

the GazettE – GARISH ROOM no.28 brings us the 2017 edition of ‘member A to Z’. And first up is vocalist, RUKI, who talks everything from ‘Acting’ to ‘Moving house’ in part 1 of this special interview. Continue reading

[KDRAMA-ADDICT] When Nice Guys Go Bad: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s Wang Wook

All’s fair in love and war, so casualties are to be expected. And when it comes to our beloved dramaland those casualties are more often than not our endearingly sweet, yet ill-fated second-leads, who inevitably fall victim to the very qualities that made them so lovable in the first damn place. So what happens when a seemingly normal second-lead like Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’s (2016) 8th Prince, Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) comes along and takes a blow torch to the typical ‘second-lead’ archetype, burning it to the ground? Continue reading

[Music & Choreo Review] VIXX – ‘Depend on me’

You can always depend on VIXX to deliver, when it comes to making great music. So after thoroughly slaying their unsuspecting fans – who’s bodies were not ready – with the sexy and titillating ‘Chained Up’, VIXX have done it again. This time with their Japanese debut single the dramatic ‘Depend on me’, a beautiful fusion of pop and classical elements that perfectly marries Kpop and Jpop sensibilities, and will no doubt steal the hearts of countless Starlights (myself included). Continue reading

[MV Breakdown] VIXX LR – ‘Beautiful Liar’ : Pride, Lies and Inner demons

VIXX has done it again, they’ve gone back to what they do best and delivered another dark and thoughtful masterpiece, this time with sub-unit, VIXX LR’s debut single “Beautiful Liar”. VIXX LR, comprising of lead vocal Leo and rapper Ravi, perfectly blends ballad and R&B to tell a heartbreaking story of love, lies and the pain of letting go. Continue reading

[Japanese Cinema] Prophecy

Based on the manga of the same name by Tsutsui Tetsuya, Prophecy [Yokokuhan] (2015), directed by master of mystery and thriller Nakamura Yoshino, gives us a glimpse at the makings of a vigilante and asks us just what of society do we want? Continue reading

[Korean Cinema] An Ethics Lesson

An Ethics Lesson (2013) is an unflinching look at the darker side of human nature. Written and directed by Park Myung Rang, An Ethics Lesson, delves into the cruelty, cowardice and evil of four men connected to the life and death of a beautiful university student. Continue reading

“We’re Bulletproof”: Bangtan Boys Group and Member Profiles

Arguably one of the biggest rookie acts of 2013, BTS hit the Kpop scene with their debut single 2 Cool 4 Skool (2013) and quickly made it clear that they meant business. So who exactly are Kpop’s Bulletproof boy scouts? Continue reading

[KPOPLIFE] EXO: Kings of Concept pt.2 – MAMA

EXO – the Kings of Concept – are back, so to celebrate let’s take a look at the group’s concepts, past and present. Continue reading

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