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[VKLIFE] TRANSLATION |「洗脳:地獄の12年から生還」(Brainwashed: Return from 12 years of hell) by Toshl (X JAPAN) – Prologue

[Taken from: 「洗脳:地獄の12年からの生遠」(Brainwashed: Return from 12 years of hell) by Tosh1 (X JAPAN)  [translation by: Reiyezerwyre] [Disclaimer: While every effort is made to be accurate to the intended meaning of the original text, the following is a fan translation and as such may contain errors.] PROLOGUE: Childhood Days “Play ball!” My father’s booming call echoes in the … Continue reading

[VKLIFE] BOOK CLUB | 「洗脳」(Brainwash) by Toshl (X JAPAN)

My father died on the 15th of March, 2003. I didn’t know about it for a long time. – Toshl, 「洗脳:プロローグ」(2014) X JAPAN, rock legends that  left an indelible mark on Japan’s music industry, larger than life icons and, as explored in the documentary film We are X (2017) , the central figures in an almost unbelievable story of … Continue reading

[VKLIFE] GARISH ROOM no.28 | Member A to Z – RUKI (2017 ver.) Pt.1

the GazettE – GARISH ROOM no.28 brings us the 2017 edition of ‘member A to Z’. And first up is vocalist, RUKI, who talks everything from ‘Acting’ to ‘Moving house’ in part 1 of this special interview. Continue reading