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[Music & Choreo Review] VIXX – ‘Depend on me’

You can always depend on VIXX to deliver, when it comes to making great music. So after thoroughly slaying their unsuspecting fans – who’s bodies were not ready – with the sexy and titillating ‘Chained Up’, VIXX have done it again. This time with their Japanese debut single the dramatic ‘Depend on me’, a beautiful fusion of pop and classical elements that perfectly marries Kpop and Jpop sensibilities, and will no doubt steal the hearts of countless Starlights (myself included). Continue reading

[Japanese Cinema] Prophecy

Based on the manga of the same name by Tsutsui Tetsuya, Prophecy [Yokokuhan] (2015), directed by master of mystery and thriller Nakamura Yoshino, gives us a glimpse at the makings of a vigilante and asks us just what of society do we want? Continue reading

[KPOPLIFE] EXO: Kings of Concept pt.2 – MAMA

EXO – the Kings of Concept – are back, so to celebrate let’s take a look at the group’s concepts, past and present. Continue reading

[Korean Cinema] Rough Play

From director Shin Yeon Shik comes the brutally raw, Rough Play, a disturbing glimpse at the dark side of fame. Written by screen writer Kim Ki Duk and starring MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Rough Play, follows the sudden rise of aspiring actor Oh Young and his inevitable demise as he is corrupted by the dark side of fame. Continue reading

[KPOPLIFE] MV of the Year 2014: LYN ft. LEO ‘Blossom Tears’

Happy New Year!  2014 – with all of it’s ups, downs, and tragedy – is officially over, and 2015 with all of it’s epic comebacks and debuts lies ahead of us. So as we prepare ourselves for this new year in Kpop, let’s kick off 2015 with a look back at my pick for the best MV … Continue reading

[KPOPLIFE] Looking Back: The Best of 2014

Let’s be honest 2014 has been a hard year for Kpop fans. So it here’s a look back at the good that came out of 2014 to remind us that regardless of how bad things may seem there will always be those small lights shining in the dark. Continue reading

[Korean Cinema] Hwayi: A monster boy

Writer/director Jang Joon Hwan makes his long-anticipated return with the tense action-thiller, Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013), proving that Korean cinema is as strong and hard hitting as ever. Continue reading

[Japanese Cinema] The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji

Miike Takashi, one of the biggest names in Japanese cinema, is back with the wacky and, at times, down-right bizarre yakuza-centric comedy, The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji. Continue reading

[KPOPLIFE] Ranking: Favourite Male Voices in Kpop

Oh, those low, husky tones, like music to my ears. When it comes to male vocals that I can’t get enough of things definitely drop an octave. From smooth to husky and nasal, I like me some deep voiced idols. Sadly pop music has always been the domain of the higher register and many idols … Continue reading

[Music Review] Wu Yi Fan (formerly Kris of EXO) `Time boils the rain`

“We said we`ll never separate, that we`ll be together forever and ever” – Wu Yi Fan, ‘Time Boils the Rain’ Few things are more difficult than goodbyes. And as music fans, the goodbyes we find ourselves facing will never be easy. Music touches us, it moves us and the artists that create it are inevitably a part of … Continue reading

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