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[Music & Choreo Review] VIXX – ‘Depend on me’

You can always depend on VIXX to deliver, when it comes to making great music. So after thoroughly slaying their unsuspecting fans – who’s bodies were not ready – with the sexy and titillating ‘Chained Up’, VIXX have done it again. This time with their Japanese debut single the dramatic ‘Depend on me’, a beautiful fusion of pop and classical elements that perfectly marries Kpop and Jpop sensibilities, and will no doubt steal the hearts of countless Starlights (myself included). Continue reading

[Music Review] Wu Yi Fan (formerly Kris of EXO) `Time boils the rain`

“We said we`ll never separate, that we`ll be together forever and ever” – Wu Yi Fan, ‘Time Boils the Rain’ Few things are more difficult than goodbyes. And as music fans, the goodbyes we find ourselves facing will never be easy. Music touches us, it moves us and the artists that create it are inevitably a part of … Continue reading

[Music & Choreo Review] EXO ‘Overdose’ – Showcase Performance

“Someone call the doctor, ’cause I’m overdosing on EXO’s ‘Overdose’.”

Since the leak of the practice video the internet has been rife with speculation; how was it leaked; who leaked it – or perhaps more pressing for some fans – why was D.O on the bottom of the diamond; how the hell did Suho get up there (much less get down); and was this the final choreography for ‘Overdose’.

Sadly these questions would remain unanswered until EXO’s comeback Showcase, where ‘Overdose would be performed live for the first time and EXO-K and EXO-M’s ‘Overdose’ music videos would be screened. Of course the release of the MV teaser answered some of our questions, but not all of them, and for many of us only lead to more questions. Questions that have finally been answered with the showcase performance.

But was it what we were expecting… Continue reading

[Music & Choreo Review] EXO-K’s ‘Overdose’ – leaked version

The practice video has been leaked and the fandom is freaking out.  There’s feels everywhere, keyboards are being smashed and no one’s body is ready. What is an EXO comeback without rumours, leaks and chaos in the fandom? Not an EXO comeback that’s what! So what do I think about the demo for EXO’s newest single ‘Overdose’?

[Music & Choreo Review] EXO-M ‘Yi Qi Chi Ku De Xing Fu’ – Immortal Song (China)

Last year, 2013, was the year of the OT12, with EXO-M and EXO-K coming together as EXO to promote their hugely successful hits ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’. It also saw EXO follow in the footsteps of their seniors and join the ranks of artists that had performed on Immortal Song, clocking up a total of three performances on … Continue reading

[Music & Choreo Review] EXO ‘With You’ – Immortal Song

Lower the mirror ball, light up the dance floor and put on your flares, let’s take a look at EXO’s foray into disco with Nam Jin’s ‘With You’. Continue reading

[Music & Choreo Review] BTS – Concept Trailer – Practice Version.

You feelin’ just dead from the inside mentally But if you still feel your heart beating, what’chu waiting for? Alright let me get this out there, right off the bat. For me BTS are the strongest group in terms of choreography. I’m sorry, but there’s no contest in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy … Continue reading

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