Japan, ‘the land of the Rising Sun’. 

For over a century Japan has captured the imagination of countless individuals around the world. An almost most contradictory mix of old and new, both Japan’s traditional and contemporary culture continue to inspire millions. But there is more to this island nation, than it’s romanticized depiction in novels and film.

Japanese culture, like that of any other country, is a living culture that is constantly changing and is best experienced through the products of that culture – the novels, film, music and television shows that (prior to the internet) rarely found their way out of Japan. Nowadays, thanks to the internet it is easier than ever to connect with the living breathing culture of Japan.


dc047408e00a9e0ea79908ad39826ff3Are you a film buff looking to expand your cinematic horizons? Or a self-confessed ‘Otaku/Japanophile’ looking for another thing to love about Japan? Or maybe a combination of the two? Check out this collection of synopsis, reviews, trailers and streaming links to satisfy your Japanese Cinema cravings.



Are you a book worm, with intermediate or higher Japanese, looking for a good read? Are you a film or anime buff who’s curious about the novels that inspired some of your favourite movies and series? Then check out this up-coming collection of synopsis, reviews, translation links and more.

Looking for something to spice up your playlist? Looking for something other than AKB48 and anime theme songs to be clogging up your ipod? Looking for something that practically screams the adage, ‘Only in Japan!’. Or just want to know what the hell it is with all these dudes in dresses? Then check out this guide to Visual Kei, including a history of the movement and bands to check out.



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