Visual Kei Songs

A list of my personal stand-out Visual Kei songs. This list is all my own opinion and comprises of songs that hit me right in the chest.  They are songs that had me at hello, or grew on me over time, but either way they are ultimately the songs I always find myself coming back to, when I need to find my centre again. As you’ll find its a pretty eclectic lc





DirEnGrey2012promophotoThrashHitsDir en grey

As far as bands that strike a deep heart wrenching chord with me go, nothing beats the GazettE, but Dir en grey most definitely comes in at a frighteningly close second. Just like the GazettE, there is just something about Dir en grey’s music, lyrics and vocals that transcend the language barrier (though something must be said for being bilingual, even if my mastery of Japanese still fails to pick up all the subtle nuances of Kyo’s lyrics). So many of Dir en grey’s songs are pure poetry that its often harder to pin down my favourites, but this list comes pretty close.


For me it’s impossible to make any list of great Visual Kei music that doesn’t include one of the greatest legends of Japanese rock, hide.

  • ‘Flame’



What can I say? Few people can wield a guitar quite like Japan’s very own modern day samurai. I have always been draw to songs with a strong guitar edge, though I typically favour electric over acoustic, and I’ve always had a soft spot for bands and artists who experiment with their music by blending styles. Miyavi is all that in a single person, with distinct, imperfect, raw vocals and a singing style that had me hooked after the first chorus of ‘Fuminshou no nemuri hime’, Miyavi didn’t have to do much to win a permanent place on my MP3 player.




Amongst of all of the groups on this list SID probably seem a little out of place, but these guys won me over pretty quick with ‘Ajisai’ and ‘Namida no ondo’, which is now permanently on my karaoke songs list (a list of songs that I MUST sing every time I go karaokeing, no ifs or buts, its OBLIGATORY) along with the GazettE’s ‘Guren’.

the GazettE

Gazerock is NOT dead!

the GazettE are hands-down my favourite band, there is just something about their music, lyrics and Ruki’s vocals that strikes a deep chord with me in away very few bands can come close to doing. Since that fateful day six years ago when I stumbled across ‘Filth in the Beauty’ I have been a Sixth-gun with bullets in my veins and the single most memorable, moving experience I have ever had in my entire life was seeing these guys live back in 2009, during their DIMSCENE tour.

Believe me words can not do justice to what I felt that night, and even thinking about it now my hands tremble with that nervous, excited energy that comes after a hit of adrenaline. Nothing else in my life so far can top it, though there have been things that come close.


The band that started it all, and a must listen for any fan of Visual Kei. For me, as an eighties baby, X’s music has a ring of nostalgia to it; an honest, simple quality that few bands of the nineties or the noughties have. These guys tap into my memories of growing up to Guns’n’Roses, Bon Jovi and all those eighties rock bands. Oh, my youth were have you gone.


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