Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)

Boy meets Girl. Girl hates Boy, or vice-a-versa. Girl keeps running into Boy, preferably in awkward, compromising or down-right absurd ways. Girl starts developing feelings for Boy, or vice-a-versa, but these feeling are not mutual, cue a storm of coincidences, misunderstandings and plot-twists that would give a crash test dummy whiplash all designed to bring Girl and Boy together and you have a the makings of a classic Korean romantic comedy.

Veteran Korean drama-addicts have long since known to suspend their disbelief, or rather, pack it up in a box and leave it at the door when it comes to Korean romantic comedies. But for those new to Kdrama, as we so fondly call it, Korean rom-coms can be a bewildering, confusing and down right ridiculous viewing experience.

But let’s be honest, that’s why we love them.


Secret Garden (2010)

From the over the top acting to the absolutely absurd situations that characters find themselves in, Korean romantic comedies are everything most Western dramas are not and will most likely never be. But that’s alright, because it means that both Korean and Western drama’s have something to offer their audiences. For something gritty, hard-hitting and ‘real’ there are Western dramas, and for a fun break from reality with a generous helping of heart, that gets you right in the feels there is Korean drama.

That’s not to say that Western dramas can’t be fun and soulful or that Korean dramas can’t be dark and confronting. But when they do what they do best the results are unforgettable.



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