BTS_05Thanks to the power of the almighty internet Korean Pop, or Kpop as it is better known, has experienced a surge in international popularity  in recent years. In less time than it takes to complete a medical degree Kpop has gone from an exclusively ‘Asian thing’ that no one in the west knew or cared about, to not only one of the biggest things on the net after cat videos, but also a serious challenger to Western Pop’s (namely American artist’s) monopoly of the international music industry.

Kpop – whether you like it or not – has become a staple of the internet and it’s fandom is only getting bigger with every new ‘Non-kpop fan’ reaction video (since we all know that they all eventual come over to the dark side, because we have Taeyang’s abs). Seriously, given how big Kpop has become, it’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago Kpop was barely a blip of the radar of the Western music world. Now it’s popping up on American daytime TV like it belongs there, and coming out of no where to win international awards (BIG BANG 2011).

Unlike Jpop – which also experiences considerable popularity online through it’s ties to Otaku culture staples anime and manga – Kpop has managed to turn its internet popularity into ‘World Tours’ that are actually ‘World Tours’ (*cough* SMEnt *cough*).

But why has Kpop accomplished what Jpop hasn’t? Because it is so damn accessible musically, showing us what Western music in the 90s could have given us and it’s catchy to boot. From PSY’s”Gangnam style” (love it or hate it) to TVXQ/DBSK’s “Mirotic”; from Shinwa to GOT7 there’s something for everyone.

Just like this blog, actually, where – as a Kpop fan circa 2009 – I have found it only natural that a corner of this blog be dedicated to all the amazing and talented artists of the Kpop music scene. From music and choreography reviews to fandom guides and everything in between, it’s all Kpop and nothing hurts.

So enjoy and happy reading.

“Burn the Floor”: The Music and Choreography of Kpop

Love Kpop? Can’t get enough of those mind blowing routines? Well then, check out”Burn the Floor”, where I take a look at the choreography of some of our favourite Kpop groups: covering their structure, execution, presentation and overall ‘pizzazz’ as well as my thoughts on the songs they accompany.

The Basic Guide to EXO

A regular ‘who’s-shippable-with-who’ look at SMent’s latest boy band, EXO and it’s members. In addition to member profiles, this “Basic Guide” will also look at and discuss the group’s concepts, the OTPs and maybe if we dare, the fandom and all it’s conflicts, in-jokes and ship-wars.

The Basic Guide to the Bangtan Boys (BTS)

A fan-crazed look at Big Hit Entertainment’s latest hip-hop boy band, BTS and it’s members. In addition to member profiles, this “Basic Guide” will also cover the group’s releases, variety show appearances, behind the scenes videos group’s concepts, the OTPs and maybe if we dare, the fandom and all it’s conflicts, in-jokes and ship-wars.

“For the love of Merch!”: Concerts, Goods and Special Editions

Merchandise. Perhaps the most dangerous, foul, and insidious of man’s creations and the bane of every fangirl/boy’s existence, including me. Check out “For the love of Merch!” to read about my concert experiences, fan goods, bootlegs, Korea (towns), and my own personal Kpop collection.

Disclaimer: While the writer of this blog endeavors to be well informed and researched with regards to the writing of Kpop related posts, this blog is not in any way intended to be regarded as an authoritative source on Kpop or any other topic. Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the writer, unless otherwise stated, and, where possible, links to sources will be provided.



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