For the love of Merch!: Concerts, Goods and Special Editions

Merchandise. Perhaps the most dangerous, foul, and insidious of man’s creations and the bane of every fangirl/boy’s existence, including me. Here you can read about my concert experiences, fan goods, bootlegs, Korea (towns), and my own personal Kpop and Jrock collections.


  • BIG BANG “X” 2014-15 (Nagoya, Nagoya Dome)
  • SUPER JUNIOR “SUPER SHOW 6” 2014 (Osaka, Kyocera Dome)
  • GLAY “MIRACLE MUSIC HUNT” 2015 (Nagoya, Nippon Gaishi Hall)
  • VIXX “UTOPIA” 2015 (Kobe, World  Hall)
  • SUPER JUNIOR D&E “PRESENT” 2015 (Nagoya, Nippon Gaishi Hall)
  • U-KISS “ACTION” 2015 (Osaka, NHK World Hall)
  • EXO “EXOPLANET #2 : The EXO’lution” 2015 (Tokyo, Tokyo Dome)

MERCHANDISE and GOODS: “It’s not a hobby, it’s an addiction.”





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