The Basic Guide to EXO

tumblr_inline_mr0nndNxqv1qz4rgpWe are one! Hello and welcome to The Basics Guide to EXO. I’m your guide, Reiyezerwyre, or Reiye for short. In this Basic Guide I hope to cover…surprise, surprise…. the basics of EXO. A regular who’s shippable with who look at SMent’s newest boy band, EXO and it’s members. In addition to member profiles it will also cover the group’s concepts, the OTPs and maybe if we dare, the fandom and all it’s conflicts, in-jokes and ship-wars.

Happy Reading.


  • “We are ONE!: EXO group and member profiles”
  • “When the skies and grounds were one…: EXO Mythology and Concepts”
  • “It’s not a fleet, it’s an armada: EXO OTPs”
  • “Exotics let loose: EXO fanfiction”
  • “Waiting for EXO’s comeback: EXO memes”


Disclaimer: While the writer of this blog endeavors to be well informed and researched with regards to the writing of “The Basic Guide to EXO”, this blog is not in any way intended to be regarded as an authoritative source on EXO or any other topic. Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the writer, unless otherwise stated, and where possible links to sources have been provided.



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